John Terence Ononuju, The Founder Of Worldwide Development Initiative Has Good News For Africa

Worldwide Development Initiative, has concluded plans to include Africa in the 21st Century standard of development, based on its performance between 2019 and 2029.This is expected to give Africa the opportunity in joining the Western world in promoting worldwide development, and reaching out to the poorest of the poor in Africa and the rest of the world, before the year 2050.

According to H.E. Amb. John Terence Ononuju, the Founder of Worldwide Development Initiative, Africa can only set this target with the collective efforts of African Leaders, Citizens of Africa and friends of Africa, from around the world.

He further stated that the reason much emphasis is on Africa, than other continents is because Africa is still struggling with the 20th Century developmental standard, which needs complete upgrade.

Amb. Ononuju urged established Firms in Africa, to join in taking Africa to the next level of development, which will give her a better chance in the developmental rating of Worldwide Development Initiative, by the year 2029

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